5 Plugins To Power Up Your Woocommerce Website

Do you have an established product-based business and wish to sell your products online domestically or internationally? WooCommerce powering the one-third of all online storefronts turns out to be the ultimate choice for creating a highly flexible store online.  Now running separate store is no difficult task; all you need is a set of WooCommerce plugins that can improve product variations features with swatches, colors, and photos.

Now Woocommerce being free to download and use allows a developer to add product pages, a fully functional shipping cart, easy checkout procedure and such other functionalities just to make your store survive for the long run. But I would personally like to recommend that don’t judge WooCommerce or any other open source platform on the core’s strengths. In order to witness the true potential of the platform, a WooCommerce development company requires purchasing a set of premium plugins and extensions.

Here in the post, I will be sharing a few mind boggling WooCommerce extensions that can unlock the full potential of your e-commerce store.

Woocommerce subscriptions

One-off purchases are much better than the recurring ones, isn’t it? The extension allows a Woocommerce developer to collect recurring payments automatically and works with approx. 25 different payment gateways including stripe, PayPal standard, authorize.Net and so more. In addition to this, WooCommerce Subscription allows one to have a full control over the billing cycle, no matter whether you are collecting the payment on weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Here you can also choose to synchronize all the recurring payments too, let’s say on the first of every month.

Lastly, you can even think of offering free trials to keep visitors engaged in or integrate WooCommerce coupon codes.

Product CSV import suite

Developing an e-commerce site means stocking a variety of SKU’s where uploading each one is a major time sink or expensive to outsource. To simplify the task most of the WooCommerce development companies have started using product CSV import suite extension. Here the developer simply needs to upload a CSV file and let the extension import all of your products so that you can add columns to your spreadsheet for prices, descriptions, taxonomies, and more. The extension allows keeping all related products in one place so that a developer can import product variations easily.

In case if one of your major suppliers ask to change their existing price. Instead of making such changes manually, the extension will automatically adjust your store’s live prices. Quick, easy, painless.

Payment gateway

The chosen payment gateway determines that how you want your customers to pay for the product. Which means the payment gateway has an obvious impact on the conversion rates. Now either you can keep them on-site to make a card payment, which requires extra configuration or prefer to take the simplest route and whisk them away to an external website to pay, as with PayPal. Fortunately, such extensions, in particular, offers you a wide range of options. So it becomes easy to choose for a WooCommerce developer. But make sure that your preferred gateway is available in your country and check whether the transaction cost is reasonable or not.

Table Rate Shipping

Too many changes in shipping can turn off your potential customers while charging too little can eat into your margin. Hence, in such cases setting up on the viable shipping rates is the best decision to make. And trust me, one size fits all shipping rates rarely work. By default WooCommerce development offers some flexibility over shipping charges but in case you want full control, I recommend you using the popular extension that provides you an advanced range of shipping options to play with.

Dynamic pricing

Customers are extremely price sensitive. And the nature of the internet makes shopping around and price comparisons much easier. The Dynamic pricing extension allows a WooCommerce development company to configure advanced pricing rules for your store. For example, offering a discount based on basket price, a number of items bought or products bought together (cross-promotion). Apart from this, you can also give your existing customer base preferential treatment by offering an exclusive range of discounts.

Shoppers appreciate seeing an e-commerce store that is great in terms of both functionalities as well as aesthetics. I hope the post has offered some help by improving your WooCommerce store with the best extension and plugins.


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