Getting Started With Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Over the recent years, the concept of cross-platform mobile app development has taken off in a big way. This technology enables a developer to write the code once and deploys across all platforms, be it Android, IOS or Windows. Right from different interfaces to software development kits, programming languages, the mobile manufacturing market is pretty much crowded these days. As a result, developing became a challenging task especially in terms of cost, effort, and marketing.

cross platform mobile app development

Benefits of cross platform development

  • Reusing most code – It may quite interest you to know that, a developer can reuse the same code, instead of writing fresh codes for each and every platform. This cuts down on repetitive tasks eliminating drudgery. This is not a new concept though. It has been used in software development for several years from now.
  • Controls cost – Now almost all mobile app/hybrid app development companies need to make a one-time investment to get their app developed. Earlier, they had to spend heavily on different tools and technologies for every individual platform separately. In addition to this, the same team of developers can be used to work on diverse platforms.
  • Quicker development time – App development can be much faster if a single script is deployed. The increase in development speed will make product reach the market sooner than before. So it is always advisable to spend time on thinking out and working on codes for a brand new application. Basically, it turns out to be a win-win situation for all concerned- developers, marketers and consumers.
  • Easier Implementation– Technologies like PhoneGap, Appcelerator are gaining quite an attention these days. They offer cross platform solutions that makes it easier for developers to make changes. For example, by using Appcelerator, codes can be easily written in HTML5 and converted for different platforms. In a layman’s language, utilization of resources you already know about and translating them for different platforms.

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    This not only makes the development of apps quicker but it even becomes easier to sync updates across all mobile devices.

  • Uniformity– Since the same set of codes are being used, cross platform development makes sure that the overall look of the app can be maintained across all platforms. There are times when customers find an app cumbersome and inefficient if they require using different methodologies for accessing the same app across different mobile phones.

Final Thoughts

A mobile app developer not only aims to acquire as many customers as possible but also aim for a targeted market and engage the customers completely. It is not a difficult task especially when a majority of the targeted audience is using the same platform. But when it’s about choosing a huge audience who could be using iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and others, the app would have to be made separately for the different platforms.

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Here is where cross platform turns out to be beneficial. Although, it cannot be easy in terms of implementation with all technologies, but the benefits do provide a better outlook for app development in general.


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